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The Weeks Comics: Avengers the Children’s Crusade

I… am already bored with ‘one to keep, one to drop.’ Being negative about comics is boring, y’all. Howsabout I just talk about the week’s highlight each week, hmm? Avengers: The Children’s Crusade┬áhas been rather flatline for me; it was … Continue reading

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Monday Video: 8

Not a particularly happy video today, kind of breaking the point of it. But it was a good watch, even if watching a pro-marriage play adapted from the court case surrounding Prop-8 is kind of preaching to the choir with … Continue reading

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New Readers: Bludgeon

  Writer and Artist: Jeremy Owen Editor and Story Collaborator: Greg Freeland II Publisher: Burly Comics What’s it about? The first issue of this new comic introduces us to Mike, who is moving to Albuquerque, and it sets up a … Continue reading

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