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Why do we dissect?

Half way between where I sit and the advance guard of Winter Storm Nemo, sits a bucket that contains a lot of formalin and two large freshwater mussels. Also on that table is two bivalve pairs, cleaned out yesterday after … Continue reading

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Knowing Physics makes Biology Awesome

There is a belief knocking around somewhere in our cultural rhetoric, that “children have favorites,” and by the time we’re adults we have to have grown out of that silliness and show no ridiculous, unfounded partiality. Bollocks to that. My … Continue reading

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Review: The World’s Largest Dinosaurs

Much of this is crossposted from a shorter article on Exhibitfiles. And geez, my language when writing for exhibit developers is overly formal. I’ll work on that. For more information on any of the science I allude to here, check … Continue reading

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Misappropriation of science.

The “Periodic Table of Woo” represents the continued degeneration of the “Skeptic movement” into just as much dogma and thoughtless sheep-like behaviour as the institutions it sets itself against. Continue reading

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