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Derby Space Nine

For the 2nd January (LJ | DW) herdivineshadow asked for my thoughts on how a Deep Space Nine roller derby league might go. (For my thoughts on Deep Space Nine itself, you’ll have to hang on for a couple of weeks) Terok Nor Roller Derby is … Continue reading

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I love living in this country…

…I do. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be trying so hard to stay. But every time someone says “you should see a doctor about [insert minor complaint here],” and every time I have to fill in a form for a … Continue reading

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Getting my skates on

It is no surprise, and also no disappointment, that I will not be skating with the three  times Women’s Flat Track Derby Association champions in 2013. Aside from the skating I already do with them, that is, which is paying them … Continue reading

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You got no wheels you don’t know how it feels

*dusts this thing off* I clearly needed some motivation to get writing again, so figured this meme that had been doing the rounds would serve nicely, just go get my juices flowing. Comment to this post and I will pick … Continue reading

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