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The Five Best Things about the NHM

I don’t have anything scheduled on the blogging on demand meme (LJ | DW) for tomorrow, so if you want me to ramble about something, you’d better get to it. Anyway, the 6th January,  herdivineshadow asked for my favourite 5 things about the Natural History Museum. Archie … Continue reading

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Review: The World’s Largest Dinosaurs

Much of this is crossposted from a shorter article on Exhibitfiles. And geez, my language when writing for exhibit developers is overly formal. I’ll work on that. For more information on any of the science I allude to here, check … Continue reading

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Fire in my Heart at the Museum of Jewish Heritage

This is a crosspost from my Exhibitfiles account – an attempt to get me blogging more, because blogging makes me feel more connected to people, and I miss comments! ———- Fire in my Heart opened at the Museum of Jewish … Continue reading

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The decline of Britain’s Public Museums

[cross-posted from museumsaregreat.tumblr.com with apologies to those unused to the tumblr format. Click the first link to see the original post.] museumsandstuff: Some of you might remember the blog entry/rant I had in response to an infuriating article in the … Continue reading

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Where to Find Me

If you are reading this, you probably don’t need to do anything. This is just a note to say that yes, I do have a proper Grown Up blog these days, which is a should-be-unneeded concession to the people who … Continue reading

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