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Happy Yuletide!

MERRY CHRISTMAS actual Christians and cultural Christians and people who are technically neither but live in a society where they can’t help but be exposed to Christmas. HAPPY WEDNESDAY everyone else! JOYFUL YULETIDE to those who participate in it! It … Continue reading

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Yuletide Promotions: Leonardo

What is it? A two-series, 21-episode long CBBC comedy-drama about the exploits of a teenage Leonardo da Vinci, living in Florence with his friends Lorenzo de’ Medici, Niccolo Machiavelli, and Lisa Gherardhini. What is it about? Leonardo da Vinci is … Continue reading

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#FicFriday – a back collection.

It is all¬†thisisyourfault‘s, er, fault. Back in May, she came up with the excellent idea¬†of using the twitter medium as a writing exercise to get stories down to 140 characters. I’ve given it a couple of goes, and never got … Continue reading

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Oh good grief, is there anything more frustrating for a blogger than when you spend hours on a blog post, hit ‘save’, only to start up the next day to find an empty screen? Bad form, WordPress. There isn’t even … Continue reading

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