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Happy Yuletide!

MERRY CHRISTMAS actual Christians and cultural Christians and people who are technically neither but live in a society where they can’t help but be exposed to Christmas. HAPPY WEDNESDAY everyone else! JOYFUL YULETIDE to those who participate in it! It … Continue reading

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Holiday Giving

So I see that a few holiday card posts have gone up, now, and it’s time to repeat what I ask of my friends every year; Please do not send me a card, because I have reasons to not like … Continue reading

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Holiday Givings

Well, it’s that time again when everyone’s returning from Thanksgiving (or as I tend to think of it, the Christmas Rehearsal Dinner)  and my friends list  / blog roll fills up with people asking for addresses for their friends to … Continue reading

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Holiday Greetings

I swear I’m still doing meme entries. SO BUSY Anyway, it’s now properly the Yuletide season, and I’m seeeing all my blogs stick up “give me your address if you’d like a card” posts, as is tradition. I’ll reiterate here … Continue reading

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