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The Five Best Things about the NHM

I don’t have anything scheduled on the blogging on demand meme (LJ | DW) for tomorrow, so if you want me to ramble about something, you’d better get to it. Anyway, the 6th January,  herdivineshadow asked for my favourite 5 things about the Natural History Museum. Archie … Continue reading

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Animantarx is better than your favourite dinosaur

For the 5th January (LJ | DW) swankyfunk asked about my favourite dinosaur. Everyone, of course, has a favourite dinosaur, I think it’s compulsory for being a human being. As a child, my favourite dinosaur was Protoceratops, but now I always answer with the same answer: Animantarx. Animantarx … Continue reading

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The Up-Goer 5 Car for Carrying People Who Make Music

The idea of the meme making the rounds these days is to use the Up-Goer 5 Text editor to describe one’s job, i.e. using the 1,000 most commonly used words in the English Language. I am a doctor: not the … Continue reading

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Trixie Seven: Writer’s commentary

It’s true that I churned out Trixie Seven in a couple of hours, plus the time it took to edit after beta, but it’s still the case that I keep talking about that tiny little fic every opportunity I get. … Continue reading

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Fanfic: Trixie Seven

Trixie Seven by innerbrat Fandom: Jurassic Park (1993 movie) Rating: General Audiences No Archive Warnings Apply Category: Gen Characters: Ellie Sattler, Gerry Harding A Yuletide gift for rthstewart Summary: Paleontology isn’t extinct, it just needs to evolve. Ellie Sattler was half way through her doctorate when … Continue reading

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Yuletide Reveals Post

So finally the Yuletide reveals have started, and most of the five fics I wrote for Yuletide now had my name attached, so finally I get to actually talk about the fanfic that kind of ate my brain for a … Continue reading

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Video Mondays

So. I’m not sure I mentioned it because I’ve been so continually silent on this blog for so long, but. Last year, for my thirtieth birthday, my friends got together and got me what might be one of the best … Continue reading

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Today I got an email…

…informing me that I’d successfully passed my corrections on my thesis required to get a PhD. I squeaked out loud. This was to avoid screaming loud enough to wake my sleeping roommates.

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Review: The World’s Largest Dinosaurs

Much of this is crossposted from a shorter article on Exhibitfiles. And geez, my language when writing for exhibit developers is overly formal. I’ll work on that. For more information on any of the science I allude to here, check … Continue reading

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Big is better: How the biggest dinosaurs became

This Saturday the  World’s Biggest Dinosaurs exhibition opens at the American Museum of Natural History and I don’t mind telling you, I’m this close to embarrassing myself out of excitement – something I never thought would happen to me regarding … Continue reading

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