I never read information pages, but I suppose I should have one, in case other people read them. I’m cissexual, female, bisexual but I identify as a lesbian while I’m in a relationship with a woman. White, able bodied and English speaking, I’m a Londoner living in New York as of September 2010. I practise Buddhism, in much the same way that I used to practise playing the guitar.

I am a palaeontologist by education and an educator by calling; I’m went straight from a PhD in dinosaur morphology to a Masters degree in education and I promise I’ll get a real job at some point. Ankylosaurs are the best dinosaurs and I will broke no argument on this.

Politically, I’m liberal and left-leaning, and the former is prioritised over the latter; I differentiate between legality and morality and do not think that immoral and illegal necessarily follow from each other. My politics are diversity politics and that informs my taste in fiction. I like comics, books, movies and TV shows to contain awesome characters of all races, sexualities and genders, and more besides.

As far as a comment policy goes: don’t be a git. I’m pretty liberal about comments, and am not likely to delete even if I dont’ like the content. But don’t be a git and we’ll get on fine.

The following resources were used in the design of this WordPress blog:

The Design Lab: PSD Conversion at HV Designs

Building a custom wordpress theme at WebDesigner Wall

The nautilus in the title image is from the zoology photoshop brush set.

2 Responses to Information

  1. Stephane von Stephane says:

    Did you ‘unfollow’ me on twitter because I sent you that Carlos Castaneda quote when you were complaining about how sick you were of being depressed? ‘We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.’
    It happens to be true. Or you could take one of the millions of anti-depressant drugs & become a sheep like so many others….

  2. Debi says:

    I unfriended you on Twitter by a slip of the mouse finger when replying to your DM. I thought I undid it that same second. Lemme fix.


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