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The Up-Goer 5 Car for Carrying People Who Make Music

The idea of the meme making the rounds these days is to use the Up-Goer 5 Text editor to describe one’s job, i.e. using the 1,000 most commonly used words in the English Language. I am a doctor: not the … Continue reading

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Storefront Science

Storefront Science is a pretty unique space. Situated way uptown in Washington Heights (but conveniently close to the A and and 1 lines), it is part afterschool classroom and part creche, providing an informal, engaging learning experience for families, kids, … Continue reading

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Trixie Seven: Writer’s commentary

It’s true that I churned out Trixie Seven in a couple of hours, plus the time it took to edit after beta, but it’s still the case that I keep talking about that tiny little fic every opportunity I get. … Continue reading

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Monday Video: Otter Swimming Lessons

This came up in conversation over the weekend and needs to be shared: [YouTube Link]   What did you do this weekend?

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Animal Love Poem

My friend, hair-twin and never-quite-colleague Emma wrote this poem for Valentine’s day: The panther chameleon will bob his head And make his colour intense. A broody ringtail lemur girl, Will attract her mate with scents. Read more at the Grant … Continue reading

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Today I got an email…

…informing me that I’d successfully passed my corrections on my thesis required to get a PhD. I squeaked out loud. This was to avoid screaming loud enough to wake my sleeping roommates.

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Review: The World’s Largest Dinosaurs

Much of this is crossposted from a shorter article on Exhibitfiles. And geez, my language when writing for exhibit developers is overly formal. I’ll work on that. For more information on any of the science I allude to here, check … Continue reading

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It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction. (alright now I haven’t had more than five hours sleep at a time for the past two nights. Going to bed)

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Big is better: How the biggest dinosaurs became

This Saturday the  World’s Biggest Dinosaurs exhibition opens at the American Museum of Natural History and I don’t mind telling you, I’m this close to embarrassing myself out of excitement – something I never thought would happen to me regarding … Continue reading

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The decline of Britain’s Public Museums

[cross-posted from with apologies to those unused to the tumblr format. Click the first link to see the original post.] museumsandstuff: Some of you might remember the blog entry/rant I had in response to an infuriating article in the … Continue reading

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