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Body Confidence: Or, Debi finally gets angry enough to blog.

Behind the cut are photos of a 32 year old woman, a UK size 16, with a BMI of 28, right in the middle of the ‘overweight’ category according to the NHS calculator. I have put these pictures behind a … Continue reading

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How Nerf guns cause rape. (Or is it Tiny Tears?)

Content note: contains facetious discussion  of rape, rape culture, victim blaming. Also racism. Also generally the sorts of things the Telegraph endorses these days. I’m going to link to a blog post. Feel free to not click the link if you don’t … Continue reading

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Monday Video: 8

Not a particularly happy video today, kind of breaking the point of it. But it was a good watch, even if watching a pro-marriage play adapted from the court case surrounding Prop-8 is kind of preaching to the choir with … Continue reading

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It’s Time

[YouTube Link]

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On being away from home

I moved apartments over the weekend.  Only a block away in order to gain a roommate, but it’s not the distance one drives that is the main cause of stress when you move, but the packing, movement of heavy objects … Continue reading

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The decline of Britain’s Public Museums

[cross-posted from with apologies to those unused to the tumblr format. Click the first link to see the original post.] museumsandstuff: Some of you might remember the blog entry/rant I had in response to an infuriating article in the … Continue reading

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And another thing…

Regarding that heavy thinking, I’ve been doing? Well part of it involves the content of this post, which I recommend you read. If you read nothing else today, read this: Great, Now I Hate Everybody, by Harriet J. A long … Continue reading

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Don’t forget to vote!

This is a reminder to VOTE in Miss SB’s Very Prestigious and Entirely Serious Blog Awards! Two categories are currently open for nominations: BEST FANDOM BLOG and BEST POLITICAL BLOG; the first of which contains some very good blogs, and … Continue reading

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Circle jerks are fun if you’re in the circle

Apparently there is no better time than when I’m in self imposed exile from all forms of social contact (Yes, posting to my blog counts as hermititude in Debiland), to run a blog competition. Firstly, there be the Total Politics … Continue reading

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My spat with @DrEvanHarris. Or: Debi is an overreacting feminist

Last night, this showed up on my Twitter feed: DrEvanHarris: It is surprisingly nasty sometimes. RT @naomimc Feminist bloggers have a community. Its a lot more shouty tho 😉 #talkfest I’ve since been informed that there was a conversaion with … Continue reading

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