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That large Malus

For the 11th January (LJ | DW) sdelmonte asked for one thing I miss about NYC and one thing I don’t. And because MY FRIIIIIENDS would be obvious, I’m going to make it specifically about the city itself. A Thing I Miss: TWENTY-FOUR HOUR SUBWAYS The … Continue reading

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It’s my bedtime when I’m starting this, so I’m sorry it won’t be long, but for the 10th January (LJ | DW) shoroko asked for my thoughts on Avatar: The Last Airbender / the Legend of Korra, which I really don’t know if I can … Continue reading

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Phenomenal Cosmic Powers!

For the 9th January (LJ | DW) bjornwilde asked what global or cosmic hero/es I like, based on the correct assumption that I tend to prefer street level superheroes (The Question, Black Canary, Daredevil) So here’s three powerhouses, from three different publishers. Power Girl I’d been … Continue reading

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Jumping is Easy; Falling is Fun – A Batgirl: Year One Fanmix

  I make fanmixes when I’m writing. DON’T JUDGE ME. Just listen.

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The Five Best Things about the NHM

I don’t have anything scheduled on the blogging on demand meme (LJ | DW) for tomorrow, so if you want me to ramble about something, you’d better get to it. Anyway, the 6th January,  herdivineshadow asked for my favourite 5 things about the Natural History Museum. Archie … Continue reading

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Animantarx is better than your favourite dinosaur

For the 5th January (LJ | DW) swankyfunk asked about my favourite dinosaur. Everyone, of course, has a favourite dinosaur, I think it’s compulsory for being a human being. As a child, my favourite dinosaur was Protoceratops, but now I always answer with the same answer: Animantarx. Animantarx … Continue reading

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I like driving in my car

For the 4th January (LJ | DW) herdivineshadow asked how it feels to have the driving test thing done. And the answer is REALLY QUITE NICE, ACTUALLY. Bit of background: I failed my test three times when I was eighteen. Considering I had unresolved attention and anxiety … Continue reading

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Debi likes archers.

For the 3rd January (LJ | DW) herdivineshadow asked for my least favourite comic I am reading at the moment, which just isn’t fair, because I don’t read comics I don’t like. (This is actually a big leap for me, and for many comics fans, who … Continue reading

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Derby Space Nine

For the 2nd January (LJ | DW) herdivineshadow asked for my thoughts on how a Deep Space Nine roller derby league might go. (For my thoughts on Deep Space Nine itself, you’ll have to hang on for a couple of weeks) Terok Nor Roller Derby is … Continue reading

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Yuletide Reveals

I wrote three stories this Yuletide. Not too bad, considering that my computer was dead for about a month in the middle there. The theme this year was “People called Barbara,” and also “people called Dick,” genderswapping characters, banter, and … Continue reading

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