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Well, that explains a lot.

I really wanted to title this post “Well, that explains alot,” but it doesn’t. This post explains alot. The book I’m talking about explains something much less important than that. It explains why a terrible broadway musical was terrible. I’m … Continue reading

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Marvellous Disney

For the 13th January (LJ | DW) nadriel asked for the Disney acquisition of Marvel, and any ramifications you can think of, which… Okay, I HAVE no thoughts about this. None whatsoever. I haven’t seen anything particularly DISNEY happen since the acquisition. I don’t know enough about … Continue reading

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That large Malus

For the 11th January (LJ | DW) sdelmonte asked for one thing I miss about NYC and one thing I don’t. And because MY FRIIIIIENDS would be obvious, I’m going to make it specifically about the city itself. A Thing I Miss: TWENTY-FOUR HOUR SUBWAYS The … Continue reading

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It’s my bedtime when I’m starting this, so I’m sorry it won’t be long, but for the 10th January (LJ | DW) shoroko asked for my thoughts on Avatar: The Last Airbender / the Legend of Korra, which I really don’t know if I can … Continue reading

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Phenomenal Cosmic Powers!

For the 9th January (LJ | DW) bjornwilde asked what global or cosmic hero/es I like, based on the correct assumption that I tend to prefer street level superheroes (The Question, Black Canary, Daredevil) So here’s three powerhouses, from three different publishers. Power Girl I’d been … Continue reading

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Jumping is Easy; Falling is Fun – A Batgirl: Year One Fanmix

  I make fanmixes when I’m writing. DON’T JUDGE ME. Just listen.

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The Five Best Things about the NHM

I don’t have anything scheduled on the blogging on demand meme (LJ | DW) for tomorrow, so if you want me to ramble about something, you’d better get to it. Anyway, the 6th January,  herdivineshadow asked for my favourite 5 things about the Natural History Museum. Archie … Continue reading

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Animantarx is better than your favourite dinosaur

For the 5th January (LJ | DW) swankyfunk asked about my favourite dinosaur. Everyone, of course, has a favourite dinosaur, I think it’s compulsory for being a human being. As a child, my favourite dinosaur was Protoceratops, but now I always answer with the same answer: Animantarx. Animantarx … Continue reading

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I like driving in my car

For the 4th January (LJ | DW) herdivineshadow asked how it feels to have the driving test thing done. And the answer is REALLY QUITE NICE, ACTUALLY. Bit of background: I failed my test three times when I was eighteen. Considering I had unresolved attention and anxiety … Continue reading

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Debi likes archers.

For the 3rd January (LJ | DW) herdivineshadow asked for my least favourite comic I am reading at the moment, which just isn’t fair, because I don’t read comics I don’t like. (This is actually a big leap for me, and for many comics fans, who … Continue reading

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