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State of the Brat: Summary post

I’ve had five suggestions since yesterday on what to write about in January  (LJ | DW), so there’s twenty six slots to fill. And it occurred to me – maybe people just don’t know enough about what’s going on with … Continue reading

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Blogging on Demand

Hello, internet! How’s your December winding down? I know I’ve hardly been with you this month – blame my computer woes, mostly. But I have a hard drive and I’m getting back into things, and skygiants failed to talk me … Continue reading

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Find that story

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday, and continues to have a great day today. Today is my presents-and-food day so I will be entertaining niblings all day, between continuing to read Yuletide stories. Yes, this is the only time … Continue reading

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Happy Yuletide!

MERRY CHRISTMAS actual Christians and cultural Christians and people who are technically neither but live in a society where they can’t help but be exposed to Christmas. HAPPY WEDNESDAY everyone else! JOYFUL YULETIDE to those who participate in it! It … Continue reading

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Superhero Toys for Girls

Girls don’t buy toys! This is the new and exciting new finding from A Cartoon Network Exec, as reported by Paul Dini (who has a strong track record writing women in comics) to Kevin Smith (who, uh, doesn’t). Anyway, it’s … Continue reading

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Writing! Tips!

Based on observations of habits and preferences in my own writing recently. I SUPPOSE that what I consider the pinnacle of great writing isn’t necessary EVERYONE’S perfect writing style. So if you want to take a pragmatic view, then you … Continue reading

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