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Clearing Out – Vertigo and Indies

Demon Knights and Supergirl are my biggest piles yet to be claimed. The former in particular surprises me. Paul Cornell! Vandal Savage! Questing for the right for princesses to marry each other! So the first on this list is technically … Continue reading

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Clearing Out – Marvel Edition

Addemdum to yesterday’s post: I forgot some: Green Arrow grab bag – pre52 and nu52. [Rob] Demon Knights – entire nu52 run. if Batwoman is one of the best nu52 titles, this one, created by Paul Cornell, is another one. … Continue reading

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Clearing Out – DC edition

So the biggest thing, weight-wise, that I find myself owning and unable to take anywhere, is a big pile of comics. Yay comics! Boo, comics are heavy. I can, and will of course, dump a pile of them on Goodwill … Continue reading

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Alright, let’s make this official

I’m going home. This is not what I wanted, and it’s stressing me the fuck out. But it’s okay in many ways. I miss Abby. And Charlie. I miss Izzy, and Sam and Lauren. And I hate uncertainty. New York … Continue reading

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It’s been a very long time

I got some disappointing news this morning. I will talk about it, but I’m not ready for that yet. But maybe you could leave me writing prompts or distractions in the comments?

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