Return of the Sun

January has traditionally been a dreadful month for me; don’t particularly know why, except a generic “winter is depressing” truism. But it’s never surprising when I get into a slump and do nothing productive for the entire month – or longer, usually until March.

This year was no different: in fact, if you’d asked me how I was doing over the last few weeks, I would probably have answered with “I have a case of the Januaries,” which is the only way I can think of to say “I don’t want to do anything except sit on the couch and play Heroes of Might and Magic but I have nothing specific to complain about” – you know, except for the general ambiguous employment situation.

I distracted myself with knitting, and costume-making, and TV, and sat it out. And taught, of course, at the museum and StoSci. But I couldn’t get productivity going; I hid from AIM, I let correspondence fall into the dirt, I sustained a roleplay silence for weeks, which is kind of unlike me.

[Yesterday I threw Tara Chace into sandboxes. If you fannish RP on LJ/DW, you should find me. If this sentence makes no sense to you, you should ignore it.]

Then today, I got up, and I didn’t turn on the games and let my morning fall away. I walked out to the post office to mail a parcel I’d been sitting on for a couple days. And I picked up the stuff for the next parcels I need to send out, instead of getting it all at the post office day of. And then I paid in many paychecks. And then I bought a battery to replace the dead one in my watch.

And then I rocked into work, prepared the crap out of class, and taught an excellent class to a group of enthusiastic first graders about butterfly (and moth! I was picked up on my neglect of the greater part of lepidoptera) adaptations.

Basically, my day rocked. And the reason I haven’t been on AIM/tagging this evening? I’ve been too tired, not too depressed.

Bring it, February.


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