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Debi Watches Arrow (sydht!) 1.14: The Odyssey

This was a pretty simple episode that consisted nearly entirely of Island Flashback, which is good because it’s about time the filled us in on some island stuff, while a couple of significant changes to the status quo happen in Now Time.

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Year End

Things I have done this year: – graduated from both a masters in education and a PhD in paleontology. – been a lead classroom teacher for week-long summer camps, and at afterschool.  – taught classes on paleontology, structures, biodiversity, bioluminescence and … Continue reading

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Today is a day of baking smells (cinnamon rolls for breakfast, fresh baked rosemary bread for lunch, cupcakes in a pile waiting for afterwards,) TV catching up, and cursing comic book artists for making outfits that are hard to copy. … Continue reading

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Why do we dissect?

Half way between where I sit and the advance guard of Winter Storm Nemo, sits a bucket that contains a lot of formalin and two large freshwater mussels. Also on that table is two bivalve pairs, cleaned out yesterday after … Continue reading

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Debi Watches Arrow (sydht!) 1.13: Betrayal

This should have been a really great episode! And in some ways the show’s definitely coming into its own.  Tr0uble is, now they’re bringing all the plot threads together it’s becoming obvious which are really thin indeed. So much for Oliver’s character … Continue reading

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Knowing Physics makes Biology Awesome

There is a belief knocking around somewhere in our cultural rhetoric, that “children have favorites,” and by the time we’re adults we have to have grown out of that silliness and show no ridiculous, unfounded partiality. Bollocks to that. My … Continue reading

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Return of the Sun

January has traditionally been a dreadful month for me; don’t particularly know why, except a generic “winter is depressing” truism. But it’s never surprising when I get into a slump and do nothing productive for the entire month – or … Continue reading

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Greg Rucka – Alpha

Two things that influence my ability to give Alpha a perfectly unbiased review: 1) Greg Rucka is a favorite writer of mine, and has created and written some of my all time favorite characters, such as Tara Chace, Renee Montoya … Continue reading

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Debi Watches Arrow (sydht!) 1.12: Vertigo

This is late this week because I’ve been having a less than optimal few days with a cold and a general feeling of ‘meh,’ so I didn’t write this yesterday, deciding to watch Gaksital and Parks and Rec instead. But this isn’t a bad episode! It’s … Continue reading

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