Yuletide Reveals Post

So finally the Yuletide reveals have started, and most of the five fics I wrote for Yuletide now had my name attached, so finally I get to actually talk about the fanfic that kind of ate my brain for a while.

A Complex Problem (The Scarlet Pimpernel genderswap for croik) [18,296 words]

The prompt was: “I’d love to see some part of the story retold with the characters genderswapped. Either one or both, or throw Chauvelin in there, too, whoever or however you want to do it.” and me, being me, I got kind of carried away and couldn’t pick a single part, so ended up rewriting the entire thing with Peggy instead of Percy. While listening to female vocalists. And having a lot of feelings. It is basically just a retelling of the canon, but I’m not even sorry!

Trixie Seven (Jurassic Park movies for rthstewart) [1392 words]

As soon as I saw someone wanted a fic that focused on dinosaurs I got incredibly excited and realized it was my calling this year to basically geek my little heart out in fic format. I’m kind of ashamed how much attention this got for what is essentially three hours’ work, compared to the month or so I put into Complex Problem, but hey, how many other fics this year were written and beta’d by people with PhDs in the subject matter?

Three Months Later (Quantum Leap for Phoenix) [1816 words]

So HAPPY YULETIDE PHO. Basically from the second I read Pho’s Yuletide later about the consequences of Sam leaping, I was churning over in my mind all the ways this could go. At one point I almost wrote overly-melodramatic and kind of dark fic about a woman who ended up married to a man who she remembered as being overly sweet to her for two days. Then I started trying to write Community crossover in which Sam possessed Pierce and saved Starburns’ life, but I couldn’t even get that started. What ended up happening was way more optimistic than I started out writing, but I really wanted to emphasize people sorting their own lives out, rather than Sam fixing everything.

Double Date (Blue Beetle for Ana) [1020 words]

Of course I wrote a fic for my roommate. Turns out Jaime and Paco are really hard to write, but I could write Brenda and Amparo being aunt and niece forever. I’m least invested in this fic out of all of them, and there are definitely better things for this prompt this year, but it was a fun litte piece of fluff to write.

Eight Candles (Batwoman for Sarah) [5720 words]

Again, HAPPY YULETIDE SARAH. I knew absolutely nothing about Bette Kane, so in order to do this justice I threw myself into the ComicbookDB where I discovered that very little has been written with her in, post crisis. Anyway, Bette’s Post-Crisis origin was basically “became a superhero to impress Dick Grayson,” and I didn’t see why this justified her being treated as such a joke by every writer ever. So I tried to mix her Titans history with her Batwoman storyline, and having thrown about flame symbolism as an idea, settled on the menorah as a time of ‘five times…’ conceit, but eight, for obvious reasons.

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