The Wonders of Modern Technology

I am having a spate of leaving things in places, because sometimes my brain does that. (Yeah, yeah, it’s a flare up of ADD, and that’s indicative of stress/depression and I should probably be doing stuff about that. But still.)

Like yesterday, when I left my Nook in the museum gallery I was working in, because I could not stop reading my book until the very last second before opening. I didn’t realize I’d left it until I got on the subway and felt about for the boo. With any other book, although the break in reading the book is a wrench, I’d shrug and rock into the museum at the next scheduled time and check to see if my book was still there, because the thing isn’t that much of a loss. But this was my Nook, and those things aren’t easy to replace, so I went all the way back in today and recovered it.

The interrupted reading experience was another thing, though. I’m reading Life Mask by Emma Donoghue at the moment, and the book is hitting me right in the personal experiences. I’m having what the young people these days call “the feels” and I really felt the need to power through the current point in the plot. Not having the book to read on the subway, and when I got home, was upsetting. You’re nerds, you know how it is.

But when I got home, I had this brilliant idea: I have an iPod! I could download the Nook app onto my iPod, download the book I had already bought onto that app, and read it there! It’s not optimal – reading from a backlit screen like my iPod or a laptop strains my eyes, but Nook has a pale-on-dark setting and it’s better than not having 18th century lesbian drama to fall into.

The magic was, though, after I downloaded it and opened the book – it opened not to the front page, but to the last page I’d been on when my Nook was at home and connected to the internet. The app had remembered, and stored with B&N, my last page. So I didn’t even have to electronically flip to about the right place!


We really are living in the future.

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