So much for me being a DC girl.

Welp, DC, I hope you’re happy. As of right now, my regular comics pull-list contains more Marvel comics than DC. Given how much I adore those DC girls, you can understand how weird it feels.

It’s basically the fault of Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction, the couple who are currently writing the excellent Hawkeye (Fraction), Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble (DeConnick). And of course Greg Rucka, whose not-quite-finished Punisher arc is how I started reading that series, because I’ll pretty much follow him anywhere.

Anyhoo, I picked up Hawkeye based on a recommendation from Starman, who described it as “The Best Green Arrow book in years!” which coming from him is high praise, and of course is going to make me pick it up (I tried with new52 Ollie, I really did. But, like so much- meh.) And Captain Marvel is a female-lead title with a female writer which doesn’t have all the personal-for-me baggage that Gail Simone’s Batgirl has. So obviously I picked up that. And obviously, it’s amazing.

Though, I will say, the current artist (Filipe Andrade) is somewhat of a Marmite taste, and more importantly:


TYRANNOSAURS WITH THREE FINGERS. No excuse, dude. No excuse.

So today I’m at my comic store buying my stories, and the cashier man asks me how I’m liking Captain Marvel. I rave about Kelly Sue for a minute or so and he asks me whether I’m reading Avengers Assemble. I admit that so far, I’m not, because I missed her first issue and didn’t quite get on the Assemble bandwagon.

“Fie!” said he (except he didn’t) “To the Avengers corner of the store with you! Buy thyself copies of Avengers Assemble 9 through 11!”

So I did.



And proceeded to squeal and laugh and bounce with joy for three comics straight.

Man, it’s been a while since Superhero comics did that.

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