Yuletide Recs: Comics

Well, other comics, because I’ve already done the DC one.

something good waitin’ down this road [Hawkeye; Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, Lucky the dog]

“Katie,” Clint hisses into the telephone receiver. “Katie, something’s wrong with Arrow.”

“We’re not seriously calling the dog that, are we?” Kate says, yawning into the phone, and Clint is reminded suddenly that it is four-thirty in the morning and he might be concerned about all of the ways that Kate would plot revenge for this if he wasn’t too busy freaking the fuck out.

Clint and Kate stumble their way through mutual dog ownership, figuring out how the hell humans are supposed to look after dogs. Snark, friendship and superheroics!

dreams of fireflies [Young Avengers | Hawkeye; Kate Bishop/Tommy Shepherd, Clint Barton, Molly Hayes

“Clint, are you even–” Kate begins, and then cuts off abruptly upon taking a second glance at the arrow. “What on Earth is that monstrosity?”

At that, Clint shoots her a vicious glare. “You’re not a monstrosity, little arrow,” Clint croons to the arrow, stroking it gently. “You’re just…special, and Hawkingbird is too much of a jerk to acknowledge how special and wonderful you are.”

Tommy/Kate! Which is apparently a canon-leaning thing now? Shows what I know. But it’s sweet and complicated and teenage-awkward and Clint is matchmaker in the most annoying obnoxious way possible and it’s fantastic.

Snow Dynamics and Knot Theory [Gunnerkrigg Court; Anitomy Carver/Katerina Donlan, Mort, Shadow, Robot]

She’s a little upset, really, about the whole thing. Not upset at Annie, not even much at Jack or anyone else who’s made sly comments or assumed too much or too little, but mostly because…

There’s so much homework, so much to learn. It isn’t fair to have to untangle this, too, and sort it out. She just wants to go on, being happy and being Annie’s friend and wanting to tuck warm things around her and touch her cheeks and not have to project this complicated system far into the future at all.

This starts out as cheerful nice snowman vignette and blossoms into a pitch perfect Kat POV of teenage crushes on best friends. Absolutely beautiful.


And my Princeless gift, of course:

There’s no such thing as Elegators [Princeless; Adrienne, Sparky, Bedelia, Original Dragon Character]

She tries to think of how to explain it. If you found a ruby, sparkling in the sun, you obviously wouldn’t just leave it there, you would scoop it up for your hoard. “Bn.” Her girl is hers. She found her. And there are lots of rubies, and only one of her. “Mmf.”

Fabulously done Sparky POV about meeting a dragon and being torn between her own kind and her love for Adrienne. SOMEONE WROTE PRINCELESS FIC, guys!

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