Holiday Giving

So I see that a few holiday card posts have gone up, now, and it’s time to repeat what I ask of my friends every year; Please do not send me a card, because I have reasons to not like the practice.

You may, if you want to make the gesture, donate to a charity of your choice with the card and postage money you were thinking of spending on me. If you need suggestions, one of the following would be my preference:
Great Ormond Street Hospital – the children’s hospital in London that saved my nephew’s life.
Project 826 NYC –  creative writing skills development for children in New York
Medicins sans Frontiers – healthcare and emergency aid to people affected by war, man made and natural disasters.


I also invite any one of my friends to hop over to my Dreamwidth, and use OpenID to let me know how you would like me to donate on your behalf.

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