Here are some as spoiler-free things as I could manage things about Looper, which I saw last night:

1. It is easily the best time travel story line I have ever seen. Really top notch science fiction. And Bruce Willis’ character hits my competence fetish hard.

2. Is it also the manliest man move that ever manned. Seriously MAN THINGS. All the incidental characters are men, it only just passes the first Bechdel standard, not even coming close to having the female characters on screen together. Oh, and while the plot is in indeed fantastic, the theme (and when did it become fashionable to paint your themes on your movie with giant paint-rollers of unsubtlety? I blame Nolan and Snyder)  is all about how women need to be good mothers. And the exoticism of women of color.

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt does the best Bruce Willis impression in history. Seriously.

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