I support cosplay in all its shapes and forms, and I just want you to know that.

Because cosplaying is great, and I want to make sure you know I think that.

If you spend time, money and effort making an accurate cosplay of your favorite character because you love that character, you are awesome.

If you stick a W belly shirt on over jeans and call that a Wonder Girl costume, that is awesome.

If you buy a “sexy Robin” costume from a hallowe’en store, because it was quicker and easier than making a costume from scratch, you are awesome.

If you decide to cosplay as a character you don’t know much about, because you’ve seen the costume and you think it is a great piece of costume design and you think you’ll look great in it, you are awesome.

If you cosplay in a revealing outfit because you like the attention and you get a satisfying confidence boost from wearing it in the relatively safe space of a convention, you are awesome.

If you cut a goatee out of black felt and cosplay as “Me from the Darkest Timeline,” you may just be me.

If you use cosplay as an outlet for your love of dressmaking, armor construction or acting, you are awesome.

If you throw a costume together the night before out of felt and staples and a toy bow and arrow, you are awesome.

If you wear a shirt and jeans and never tell anyone you’re actually cosplaying Tara Chace, you are awesome.

If you mashup characters and canons and periods and genders and races to create something new, you are awesome.



Basically. Cosplay – all of cosplay, from the intricate to the easy, from the “sexy” to the subversive, is a form of fanart and a vital part of nerd culture for all genders, and screw Tony Harris and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

So there.

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