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Debi rewatches Arrow

So I was just looking over my recap of 1.03 of Arrow posted earlier today, and I realized I neglected to take the opportunity to relate one of my favorite Deadshot anecdotes.  So here is the edit I put in:

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Debi Watches Arrow (sydht!) 1.03: Lone Gunmen

IN BEFORE THE FOURTH EPISODE. Delayed by illness as I mentioned, also that big old Hurricane Sandy getting all in my business. The third episode into Arrow, and I find myself mostly waiting for the show to get good, rather … Continue reading

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Baby’s First Fic Exchange!

Kaleidoscope Fanwork Challenge Site Map | Guidelines | FAQs Kaleidoscope is a multimedia fanwork exchange hosted by for rare chromatic source fandoms running for a second year. We are open to all sources with chromatic characters or people and by … Continue reading

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Arrow Recap coming later today

I have a terrible cold, which isn’t going to kill me, but is energy sapping. I’ll start the proper recap later. But in bullet points:

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Debi watches Arrow (sydht!) 1.02: Honor Thy Father

Aw, Arrow, you started so well. Was is really  necessary to use your second episode to  uncritically showcase one of the worse flaws in the superhero genre? You’ll have non-superhero fans thinking that this is how we do things over … Continue reading

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Debi watches Arrow 1.01: Pilot

Potentially the first in a series called: Debi Watches Arrow So You Don’t Have To, because when I heard there was going to be a TV series called Arrow based on Green Arrow, I knew I was going to have to watch it, but … Continue reading

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