The Weeks Comics: Avengers the Children’s Crusade

I… am already bored with ‘one to keep, one to drop.’ Being negative about comics is boring, y’all. Howsabout I just talk about the week’s highlight each week, hmm?

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade has been rather flatline for me; it was less an interesting story and more a plot device to introduce Wanda Maximoff back into Marvel continuity and set up for this Avengers vs X-Men milarkey which frankly I’m not interested in. I only bought the series because I like Young Avengers and I only read Young Avengers for Teddy, Billy and Tommy anyway.

So it was really only worth it for the character moments of those kids.

But what character moments they were.

I provide a cut for spoilers!

Comic Scans from Avengers: The Children's Crusade issue 12. Teddy asks Billy to marry him and they kiss on panel.

So that happened. And it was awesome.

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