Video Mondays

So. I’m not sure I mentioned it because I’ve been so continually silent on this blog for so long, but.

Last year, for my thirtieth birthday, my friends got together and got me what might be one of the best birthday presents I could wish for.

They got me –  a ~ YOUTUBE ACCOUNT ~

And filled it with wonderful videos to remind me how awesome they were. It was a brilliant present.  And it also came with a favorites folder, filled with awesome videos other people had uploaded. It became a great repository for me to put videos, new and old, clips and original, that I could rely on to make me happy just by flicking through my favorites.

It recently occurred to me that other people might like to see these as well.

But I’m not going to start with something from my favorites. I’m going to start with the video Emmy made me, because let’s be honest, this is comedy genius:

[YouTube Link]

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