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Why White Men Should Refuse to Be on Panels of All White Men (tags: feminism diversity)

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Pseudoplocephalus: Ankylosaur tail pathologies. There are very few pathologies on Ankylosaur tail clubs, considering their popularly projected use for intraspecific fighting. I remain in hope that this just means we haven't found it yet. (tags: dinosaurs science) 5 Things Nobody … Continue reading

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Review: The World’s Largest Dinosaurs

Much of this is crossposted from a shorter article on Exhibitfiles. And geez, my language when writing for exhibit developers is overly formal. I’ll work on that. For more information on any of the science I allude to here, check … Continue reading

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links for 2011-05-27

Invertebrate Diaries: Cicada Emerging Pretty pretty timelapse video (tags: insects nathistory science) The mystery notebook | Curatorial Trainee Gina tracks down the author of a field notebook. Yay curatorial detecting! (tags: curation museums nathistory)

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links for 2011-05-26

We should so blatantly do more randomised trials on policy – Bad Science Yes, yes we should (tags: science politics)

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Your Safety is Assured Best. Gif. Ever (tags: girls comics) Abortion Saved My Life A must read. Triggers for pregnancy related health. (tags: feminism abortion) The Chronicle – Exceptional Queer Male Media Neo gives a low down on his favourite … Continue reading

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links for 2011-05-18

Is Breast Best? – Reviews – The F-Word Alexandra Goldstein reviews a book looking at the science behind the breastfeeding debate. (tags: breastfeeding science feminism)

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It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction. (alright now I haven’t had more than five hours sleep at a time for the past two nights. Going to bed)

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