Don’t forget to vote!

This is a reminder to VOTE in Miss SB’s Very Prestigious and Entirely Serious Blog Awards! Two categories are currently open for nominations: BEST FANDOM BLOG and BEST POLITICAL BLOG; the first of which contains some very good blogs, and I encourage some long hard thinking about that.

As for who to vote for in Best Political blog? Well, as I know absolutely nothing about politics (as you know), I asked Looking2daStars, and he suggested:

Okay, I’ve looked at it. And as far as I can tell it’s all a bunch of shrill, shouty angry feminist types who don’t shave and are probably all lesbians. So since this is apparently what this award is about, I’d suggest that anyone who did want to vote in this one vote for Debi Linton as she seems to be the angriest, hairiest and most shouty of all the lesbians in the running.

She sounds scary. I’d vote for her if I were you.

And MAYBE I’ll get some actual content up here if my thesis writing continues well. What’d you like? Choices are:

Triceratops aten’t dead (but still extinct)

What Greg Rucka talked about  at the London Film and Comic Con,

That Guy Who Took Pictures of my Feet.

Why the heterosexism in Sherlock is more annoying than the racism.

How I made that hat that Weaves was so pleased about.

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3 Responses to Don’t forget to vote!

  1. MatGB says:

    Mutating Triceratopses with moving horns!!!

    Anyway, why is Willy making all that whitespace? And where’s my ‘subscribe to comments’ option?

  2. While I didn’t vote for you as best political blogger, I’ll be voting for you in at least two other categories, and quite possibly as best overall if it gets that far.

    As for Fandom blog, I’d vote Mindless Ones if only for their great taste in interview subjects

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