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If you are reading this, you probably don’t need to do anything. This is just a note to say that yes, I do have a proper Grown Up blog these days, which is a should-be-unneeded concession to the people who complain that LiveJournal users aren’t proper bloggers and therefore won’t take me seriously like unless I sit at the grown-up table.

[Blog snobbery. We all have it. I’m not immune, certainly, but I’m working on it].

As I said, if you’re reading this on the LJ or DW clones, you probably don’t need to do anything, because I’ll be crossposting. But here’s the run down of where I can be found online:

Thagomizer.net – This’ll be my main home and blog for the foreseeable future. The usual serious business stuff will go here – you know, me rambling about science, politics and pop culture in a pretentious way.

I would appreciate it if blogrolls and permalinks could direct there.

Livejournal and Dreamwidth (innerbrat).  clones of each other and to an extent this blog, I’m planning to continue to replicate all Thagomizer content to each of these. Also, I reserve the right to, at any time, LJ like it’s the mid naughties and post fiction (fan or original), innane squealing about the latest episode on the tellybox, or rant about my roommates.

I will not be turning off comments on either journal, and so there may be discussion happening in any number of places.  Comment where you will.

(Note: I check my LJ friendspage constantly, but never my DW equivalent. One too many places to check, sorry)

Twitter (innerbrat) – just the usual verbal diaorrhea as I say everything I think of anduse it like one giant public chatroom. Not that exciting, tbh.

Tumblr (innerbrat) – This is where I am for comic-fanomd ramblings, because tumblr’s so good for sharing panels, scans, etc. Like Twitter, but with attachments and no character limit. I have some things over there that need cross-posting here, and I’ll get to that.

Facebook – just don’t even bother unless you’re a personal friend of mine.

Meanwhile, there’s another low-spoons side project I’ve been working on:

Museums are Great!

As you know, I’m a bit of a museum addict; a museum professional and about to be a museum student in a whole other country.  This project was an excuse for me to indulge my love of collections and educations and to interact more with the global museum community.

In the spirit of Fuck Yeah! tumblrs, fuckyeahmuseums was taken and I’m glad I went for the school-safe version anyway. (Now I can tell my kids about it).. Museums Are Great! started as a tumblr, but it spread out into a twitter and a flickr group so I could farm them for pics/links/vids

My museum-oriented friends are thus invited to help me out, by sending cool and thoughtful things my way.

Museums are Great! – On Tumblr, Twitter and Flickr.

In the meantime, I have science to write about…

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