My spat with @DrEvanHarris. Or: Debi is an overreacting feminist

Last night, this showed up on my Twitter feed:

DrEvanHarris: It is surprisingly nasty sometimes. RT @naomimc Feminist bloggers have a community. Its a lot more shouty tho 😉 #talkfest

I’ve since been informed that there was a conversaion with @naomimc (whom I do not follow, but her tweets are unprotected and I can’t see it) in which that R/T comes to more than just yet another offhand remark by a man about how nasty the feminist blogosphere is.

Evan Harris, by the way, is a Liberal Democrat politician and former MP who has some pretty strong equality credentials, which I by no means disparage. But then, it’s Twitter, and in Twitter you don’t get context. You get single oneliner R/Ts retreading that same old ground about how nasty feminists are to each other.

Which… I can’t even be bothered to rope in the full context in which that can be read. Let’s just say that I’m wholeheartedly sick of “wow feminists are meeean” comments. Especially when they turn up randomly from corners of my twitter feed reserved for science and politiconomics and that kind of thing.

I’d had a bad evening – not relevant, except that I can’t think of a better way of expressing my frustration than:

InnerBrat: Yeah, men in power like @DrEvanHarris making remarks about how ‘shouty’ feminists are can diaf.[link]

Of course, we all know how problematic those four letters have been in the past, and I could have chosen better words to express a general “man I’m sick of this rhetoric” sentiment.

Which is why the next morning (today), I apologised for the phrasing:

InnerBrat: @DrEvanHarris Very strong phrasing, sorry. I was angry. [link]

DrEvanHarris: @InnerBrat Makes my point then, no? [link]

*golf claps* Well done, Evan. When a woman gets angry at the ‘angry feminist’ trope being trotted out again, dismiss her by claiming she’s made your point. Because that’s never been done before and is completely conducive to her staying in the conversation and helping you understand how you annoyed her.

(Derailing for Dummies)

At this point, I was done. And probably should have stayed done, except I had to weigh in with as close as I could get to a 140 char explanation.

Cue pile on, (OK, not a major pile on, but I’m incapable of dealing with one person pressing a point when I’ve tried to drop it. Three people will make me cry) because I didn’t understand the context or I misquoted (I believe that was the word ‘all’? I’m not sure) or ‘feminists are nasty to each other‘ (This latter had to be told twice that I didn’t want to engage).

Which, y’know, was a wonderful start to the day.

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One Response to My spat with @DrEvanHarris. Or: Debi is an overreacting feminist

  1. Really Glad I'm Not Your Friend says:

    “…and is completely conducive to her staying in the conversation and helping you understand how you annoyed her.”

    Why would he have any motivation to do that? If you want to explain something, that’s your perogative, other people don’t have an obligation to convince you to stay in the conversation. If someone tried to ‘help me understand how I annoyed them’ I’d walk the fuck away too. That behavior is just flat out rude.

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