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Circle jerks are fun if you’re in the circle

Apparently there is no better time than when I’m in self imposed exile from all forms of social contact (Yes, posting to my blog counts as hermititude in Debiland), to run a blog competition. Firstly, there be the Total Politics … Continue reading

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Where to Find Me

If you are reading this, you probably don’t need to do anything. This is just a note to say that yes, I do have a proper Grown Up blog these days, which is a should-be-unneeded concession to the people who … Continue reading

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The Singularity by Andrew Hickey

I’m well aware that I’ve been sustaining radio silence. I don’t expect regular blogging to resuem any time soon because I am in the last few weeks before I have to submit my PhD thesis and stuff’s got to be … Continue reading

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Misappropriation of science.

The “Periodic Table of Woo” represents the continued degeneration of the “Skeptic movement” into just as much dogma and thoughtless sheep-like behaviour as the institutions it sets itself against. Continue reading

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My spat with @DrEvanHarris. Or: Debi is an overreacting feminist

Last night, this showed up on my Twitter feed: DrEvanHarris: It is surprisingly nasty sometimes. RT @naomimc Feminist bloggers have a community. Its a lot more shouty tho 😉 #talkfest I’ve since been informed that there was a conversaion with … Continue reading

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